We were a Finalist, and selected as Winner for Australian Circular Leader 2023!


Our Director and Principal Consultant, Belinda Chellingworth, was humbled and delighted to be named Planet Ark's Australian Circular Leader 2023.

She attended the Awards ceremony, hosted by Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub, in November, and had a ball catching up with other peers, clients, friends and meeting new people.

We certainly didn’t go into this work to win Awards, but the recognition has been very much appreciated, and it was an honour to be selected along with the very high calibre of finalists, including: Hayley Jarick, Dr Jennifer Macklin, Brett Henderson and Karie Soehardi.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the stellar lineup of organisations and the young leaders category finalists: Adele Lanson, Jess Hodge, Matthew Askeland, Rae Knopik, Sarah D'Sylva and Yasaman Samie.

Belinda Chellingworth speaking at a conference

Ricardo Pinto | Senior Manager, Customer Sustainability and Reporting, Group Sustainability Office | Australia Post


Australia Post entrusted Bel with the vital task of shaping our packaging governance framework and devising a roadmap for our soft plastics strategy, integral components of our 2025 Sustainability Roadmap.

Bel's profound industry expertise shone throughout the engagement, evident in her meticulous methodology. Her adeptness in merging technical acumen with strategic foresight is truly commendable.

We wholeheartedly endorse her professionalism and dedication and are grateful for the partnership.