Need to reduce waste at home, in your community or your Council area?


Get the right advice & the ‘how to’ for Community and Councils to reduce waste and increase the circularity mindset in homes.

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Belinda Chellingworth



Reducing waste at home can feel overwhelming for families and individuals. It’s so hard to know where to start and make habits stick!
Bel has been reducing her personal waste footprint for twenty years, and knows the challenge, but also joy when it works, all too well.
She knows the ‘how to’ like the back of her hand. Being an avid sharer, reuser, repairer, zero waste shopper, and preloved seller and purchaser, she has her finger on the Australian pulse for all things sustainable consumption and circularity in the home.

BC Consulting can offer the following to community and Councils:

  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Advisory services
  • Integration of design principles for circularity, and
  • Be a sounding board for your project.

Graz van Egmond | Chief Executive Officer | Banksia Foundation


Belinda is one of our NSW and National Banksia Awards judges for the biodiversity category.
She has clear enthusiasm for the topic, approaches judging with rigour and is a champion for our entrants and celebrations.

Thank you Belinda for contributing your time, expertise and playing an integral role in the program.

Nina Collinson | ESG Manager | Glad Group


Bel took our brief to define what we need to do, and provided an outstanding result which has been very well received by the business. She has also shared the right amount of relevant information with me so I can carry on the program.

She has clearly articulated what our people need to understand to enable best practice waste and recycling for our customers, but has also listened and learned from them through her time with us.

She brings passion and compassion to her work, she will go the extra mile - spending time at our Head Office and our customers’ sites, to really understand us and our customers. She has been able to connect and gain trust with our team quickly and effectively as well, and has been able to inspire our people, and bring the subject matter to life via engagement and training.