Do you need to ‘do something about waste’ in your business but have no idea where to start?

Are your clients or customers asking what you’re doing about waste?

Have you made commitments but not sure how to execute them?

We can help!


Our Services

Do you need to ‘do something about waste’ in your business but don't know where to start? 

Get the strategy and structure you need to get started on your business’s waste and circularity imperatives.

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Our Services


BC Consulting offers the following services to businesses for their circular economy journey:

  • Operational Strategy and Management Plans
  • Mentoring: ESG Managers and Operational Staff
  • Governance Frameworks
  • Market Insights
  • Waste and Recycling Collections Procurement
  • Chain of Custody Due Diligence
  • Bespoke Project Management
  • Interrogate and improve data quality
  • Training
  • Guidelines and Procedural Development


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Jim McBurney | General Manager | Organic Recycling Group Pty Ltd


We engaged Bel to support us on project planning, strategy, communications and training to compliment our service delivery. As a local operator, with a commitment to customer satisfaction, it’s important that our consultants align with our business values and can deliver independently.

We could rely on Bel to couple her extensive knowledge of the property and recovery industries to deliver tailored advice, which will be effective in operations.



Bel has contributed globally to being a true systems thinker. She can combine social issues with environmental ones and appreciates all of the different aspects of the circular economy, from home solutions to large corporate solutions.

Bel understands the world of end-to-end materials and waste recycling systems, and has worked in operational waste roles at Veolia and the City of Sydney.

Bel loves business has had some sizeable remits in her  career – working within the Nationals Group Sustainability / Corporate Responsibility teams, heading up Circularity and Waste Management for the London School of Economics, the GPT Group, Australia Post and ALDI Stores Australia.

Her approach is never to sit in the ‘Ivory Tower’ – she is hands on, lives for a site visit and thrives on engaging and exploring everywhere from the Board Room to the back dock.

Marsha Costanzo | National Manager Sustainability Solutions | The GPT Group


Bel can be trusted to get the job done, she delivers high quality work to agreed time frames, combined with her extensive technical knowledge of the waste and recycling industry. She knows what is relevant to the property industry and her work has been very well received by our senior management, which helps GPT manage risk, and stay informed of upcoming trends and policy that will affect our assets’ recovery rates.